InMotion VPS Review

InMotion Hosting

InMotion VPS

  • cPanel Control Panel
  • RAID 5 Fault Tolerant Disk Space
  • Choice of Data Center Location
  • SSH access, Custom firewalls, Free Dedicated IPs
  • Top Tier Network/99.9% Uptime
  • Powerful, Reliable and Fast Servers
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

InMotion Hosting

$39.99/Month $29.99/Month
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InMotion Hosting
is a popular hosting company for virtual private servers, especially due to their amazing new promotions and offers. The company strives to provide the best level of reliability and support for all its services and we can surely say that it does. The company was first founded in 2001 and after a decade in the hosting business, InMotion provides a wide array of web services for personal, business and corporate level clients.


The basic VPS plans offered by InMotion are the cPanel VPS servers which come in three standard specs. The VPS 1000 from InMotion Hosting gives you 512MB of RAM, 40GB disk space, 750GB of bandwidth, two IP addresses and regular backups. All virtual private servers from InMotion Hosting run on CentOS with cPanel and WHM. InMotion claims their VPS servers are best fit for the above mentioned software solutions, which are also the most popular in demand today. The second option is the VPS 2000, with double the features of the VPS 1000. The only different is that you will get three additional IP addresses.

If your VPS server needs are a little more complex and in need of higher performance, you’ll be best fit for the VPS 3000, which offers you 2GB RAM, 160GB space, 2500GB bandwidth and ten IP addresses. The second tier VPS plan from InMotion is the most popular, as it gives you just enough resources so that you wouldn’t have to think about upgrading or downgrading.


For custom VPS plans from InMotion Hosting or for any questions you can get in touch with them through their toll-free hotline. InMotion provides real-time support by phone or a live chat agent, where they handle all the backups, hardware replacements, security patches, OS updates, Apache support and cPanel/WHM integration. InMotion VPS support is offered around the clock, so you have no worries of reaching an automated message telling you to call back during business hours. If you have sales or billing related questions, you may need to reach them during the day, but for technical server support; give them a call anytime.


When you are putting your money into a VPS hosting solution, you expect your websites to be online all the time. Reliability and performance is a top priority for InMotion Hosting and that’s why they have commercial level servers from Dell that provide optimum performance for all VPS and shared hosting plans. With a virtual private server you are getting a better level of performance, since you get to use all of the resources provided. InMotion provides hundreds of top level businesses with hosting solutions, so trusting them with your websites shouldn’t be a problem. With 24/7 monitoring off all servers, your VPS server will be watched to make sure that it is both secure and safe from any security breach.


VPS servers don’t come in cheap like most shared hosting plans, as there is a lot of hardware that goes into the server that you are using. With shared hosting, hundreds of clients are used to offset the cost of hardware equipment. With a VPS, only a few clients are paying for the entire cost of the unit.

InMotion Hosting offers three VPS plans which are priced at $39.99/month, $74.99/month and $149.99/month respectively. Remember for a limited time you can get 25% off, making the pricing $29.99/month, $49.99/month, and $74.99/month. Choose the VPS plan that best fits your needs and in the event that your website begins to grow or slowdown in traffic, you will have the option of upgrading or downgrading your VPS plan with InMotion.

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InMotion VPS Hosting Comparison

MyHosting VPS Review


myhosting vps

  • Linux and Windows VPS
  • Reseller, Business, Developer or Build Your Own VPS
  • Powered by Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • 24/7 In-House Enterprise Support
  • Fully backed up and Fault Tolerant RAID disk arrays
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

my hosting VPS
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MyHosting is a full service web hosting company providing shared, email, VPS and business level hosting services. The company is based out of Toronto in Canada and has been in operation since 1997. Over the past decade or so, MyHosting has more than tripled its client base, which makes it one of the top dozen hosting companies in the industry. MyHosting offers an excellent number of services for people looking to purchase a virtual private server from them. We’ll be taking a look at the various MyHosting VPS plans and try to compare and contrast the features with the industry standard.


MyHosting offers custom VPS plans with the option of CentOS or Debian. MyHosting offers both Linux based systems as well as those that run on Windows. Depending on your server needs, you will be able to choose the actual specifications of the VPS. For all custom VPS plans, you will have the option of choosing the disk space, RAM, CPU, OS and control panel, making it a very flexible plan. Windows VPS systems are a little more expensive than Linux VPS systems, but that is the standard with most VPS companies. For all of the Linux VPS from MyHosting, you will have root access, MySQL support, Apache, PHP Stack and a number of perks.

There are four basic VPS plans from MyHosting that could be suitable for your needs. If you are considering a virtual private server, you need to consider the various features such as disk space, bandwidth, memory, processor CPU and domain licences. MyHosting VPS servers are well suited for most commercial and industry level websites as well.


Whether it is regular shared hosting or a VPS hosting plan; a company should provide an adequate amount of support for its clients. MyHosting offers 24/7 support through an email ticket system, chatting agent and direct phone line. Being able to reach your VPS hosting company around the clock is crucial, especially when you are running a business website which needs to be online for income generation. All VPS servers from MyHosting come with a new platform called MyHosting onCloud. MyHosting onCloud is the company’s signature customer support panel that integrates all your services into one single account. Support services are available through this portal as well.


MyHosting promises to deliver 99.9% uptime for all their VPS server plans, which is quite sufficient. As you know, a virtual private server is not a server that runs as its single unit but rather part of another larger unit. A dedicated server is partitioned to provide a VPS hosting service, so there is a need for regular maintenance. Whenever the server is rebooted, there is a fraction of time lost due to downtime. Apart from these small issues, a 99.9% uptime is very good for a VPS. All of MyHosting VPS servers are run by Dell servers with equipment and hubs from Cisco Systems. All of the maintenance, hardware and infrastructure work is done by MyHosting, leaving you with no task at hand. With VPS hosting, you will be able to benefit from a greater amount of performance, since you get to use the entire VPS server.


VPS hosting is surely a little more expensive than shared hosting, but the benefits are well worth it. With a VPS hosting plan, you have no limitations as you have a high level of flexibility with most if not all the features and specifications. The custom VPS plan from MyHosting begins at $15.95 a month. MyHosting offers the developer VPS with LAMP developer for $18.95/month and the Business VPS for $18.95 as well. These prices are for a Linux based VPS; where as the Windows VPS would run you about $24.95 and $32.95 respectively. MyHosting offers promotions throughout the year on many of their hosting services, so consider checking out offers before making your purchase.

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HostGator VPS Review


HostGator VPS

  • CentOS Linux w/ Full Root Access
  • Optional cPanel / WHM Control Panel
  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Dedicated functionality without the expense!
  • Upgraded anytime as your site grows
  • 24/7/365 Top notch support

Host Gator VPS

25% Off Coupon: 25OFFHGVPS

Without a doubt, HostGator is hands down, the fastest growing web hosting company in the industry. Started in 2002 from Houston, Texas, the HostGator client base is now hosting over four million domains on their network. If you have been in the online business for a while, you surely must have seen tons of advertisements and promotions for HostGator throughout the years. Along with their shared and reseller hosting plans, they offer a selection of VPS plans as well, which we will be reviewing below.


HostGator offers nine levels of VPS hosting plans, where at least one is bound to meet your needs. Level one and two VPS plans are semi-managed and only come with a limited amount of CPU and RAM. The first level VPS plan offers a 0.57 GHz CPU and 384MB of RAM, which is not much if you are planning on hosting a few sites on the server. As you traffic and server resource needs expand, you will need to expand your VPS plan as well. One of the best VPS features at HostGator is that you can upgrade or downgrade your virtual private server at anytime. VPS servers come managed with the option of Plesk or cPanel.

Along with each VPS account, you will receive support for unlimited domains, sub-domains, emails, ftp accounts and databases. Additionally, the control panel will include a free website builder, private name server, weekly backups and complete root access.


As far as we are concerned, HostGator provides the best customer support service in the web hosting industry. There support staff and total response time is just incredible considering the fact that they serve over a million clients worldwide. With a full US based support center, HostGator offers 24/7 support by phone, email and chat. You will be able to reach HostGator support for VPS server’s right through their toll-free number. They also have a dedicated forum and knowledge center that has frequently asked questions and answers, which may be helpful to you. As a test of current response time, we contacted the chat agent at HostGator and experienced a twenty-nine second response time, which is very good for a busy company.


The single most important reason why HostGator remains to be one of the leading hosting companies is because of their server reliability. With over seven thousand managed servers in their possession, they have maintained a 99.9% uptime for the past year. HostGator promises the same level of uptime for their VPS servers, making it a great company to consider for virtual private servers. All HostGator servers are Dell Power Edge servers with enterprise level hardware and processors. All your traffic will be routed through some of the leading networks in the industry such as ATT and Comcast, which offer a fully redundant network. If you are considering HostGator VPS hosting, there is absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of reliability and performance.


HostGator’s slogan “we eat up the competition” is not just a slogan but an actual fact about the company. With industry level VPS systems, they offer some of the best prices on their virtual private servers. If you only need a small VPS server, you could opt for one of their lower level VPS solutions. Pricing for Linux based VPS systems start at $23.95 a month and move all the way up to $213.95/month. Before you jump off your seats, you should consider the various features and perks available for each level, as you will be surprised at what HostGator could offer you.

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GreenGeeks VPS Review


green geeks vps

  • 64-Bit CentOS 5 Image
  • Dual Quad Core Servers
  • RAID-10 Storage Arrays
  • Full root access & rebooting
  • Free cPanel/WHM License
  • Free eNom domain reseller account & billing system
  • 24/7/365 North American Support
  • Green Web Hosting
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

50% Off First 2 Months! Special Link!

GreenGeeks is known to be the leading green web hosting company in the world, as they run all their services on one hundred percent green energy. With all of GreenGeeks web hosting services, there are no long term contracts or risks that you need to worry about. If you sign up and don’t like the service, support or performance, you could take advantage of their money back policy and move onto another web host. Although the company stands by their policy, not many people switch around from GreenGeeks, as they know they are getting their money’s worth. GreenGeeks VPS plans are affordable, flexible and very stable in terms of performance and reliability.


There are five VPS plans offered by GreenGeeks, with the smallest one offering 512MB RAM, 25GB space, 500GB bandwidth and an equal share of CPU power. This VPS server would be ideal for clients who are hosting a few websites that don’t consume a ton of CPU usage, as the RAM is limited. For some, the CPU power is not much of an issue, because the bandwidth may be the real issue. With custom VPS plans, you could stick with minimal RAM and space and bump up your monthly data transfer.

GreenGeeks claims that their second tier VPS plan offers the best value with 768MB RAM, 50GB space and 750GB bandwidth. All the VPS servers come with free cPanel/WHM, billing software and cP migration. All virtual private servers from GreenGeeks remain managed and fully supported for regular updates and hardware replacements. For resource intensive websites, you might want to consider the VPS with 2GB RAM, 125GB space and 1500 data transfer.


GreenGeeks has support members across North America, providing 24/7 support by phone, email and live chat. American clients will be routed to America based agents, while Canadians get routed to Canada based support agents. Along with phone support, all managed VPS servers are monitored by the professional server administrators to ensure that they are running at an optimal level. For questions you may have regarding VPS servers, you could also consult with the GreenGeeks FAQ section, where the company posts related questions and answers to common issues. VPS servers are instantly activated and include free setup to ensure you get started right away.


Whether you are a small website owner or a corporate level business owner looking for hosting, the GreenGeeks VPS plans should be considered. These VPS servers run on dual core Nehalem processors, RAID-10 array’s at a state of the art data center. GreenGeeks offers its clients with 99.9% uptime straight from their Chicago based data center. Giving you the best hosting experience is crucial for any web hosting company, and GreenGeeks tries to do just that. All VPS servers are backed up at night on secondary drives so that no data is lost in case of a crash. Data transfer is routed through high grade networks provided by leading connectivity companies such as Comcast and ATT.


For the amount of features and free perks (free cPanel license, free eNom domain reseller account and free billing system) you get with your GreenGeeks VPS; the pricing is very fair. The first tier VPS plan starts at $39.95 with 512MB of RAM, and 25GB/500GB space and bandwidth. Subsequent VPS hosting plans are $49.95, $79.95, $89.95 and $99.95. All VPS plans come with a free control panel, billing system, WHM and remain fully managed. GreenGeeks’ 30 day money back guarantee gives clients very little risk in trying their VPS hosting plans. For a limited time get 50% off the first two months.

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BlueHost VPS Review


BlueHost VPS Hosting Review

  • 64-Bit CentOS 6.4
  • Full Root Access
  • Managed Services
  • Dual Quad Core Servers
  • OpenStack & KVM Hypervisor Virtualization
  • Guaranteed Server Resources
  • 24/7/365 USA Support
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee

50% Off First Month! Special Link!

BlueHost is one of the industry’s largest web hosting companies hosting well over three million domains. After much success with their shared hosting and dedicated hosting services, they launched their VPS hosting services to customers in the summer of 2013. Through this BlueHost VPS hosting review, we will be taking an in-depth look at the various features they offer, their pricing structure, speed, reliability and value for money.

BlueHost VPS Features

There are four standard VPS plans offered by BlueHost, all of which come with a free domain name and CentOS 6.4. The most basic option offers you a single core plan with 2GB of RAM, 30GB of space, 1000GB of bandwidth and one IP address. The next plan is for a dual core, 4GB RAM plan that offers 60GB of space and 2TB of monthly data transfer. The most advanced plan will offer you a quad core server slice with 8GB RAM, 240GB disk space, 4TB bandwidth and 2 IP addresses.

If you are in need of a basic VPS hosting plan, you the standard plan from BlueHost would be an ideal solution. Customers also have the benefit of being able to upgrade to a better VPS plan if the need ever arises. Additionally, all existing BlueHost customers who have shared hosting plans can also choose to upgrade to one of the new virtual private servers from BlueHost.

BlueHost VPS Speed and Reliability

BlueHost uses the best in cloud technology to power their virtual private servers to offer more useful features and better management of backup files. With servers located at their state of the art datacenter with several ten gigabit connections, they’re able to serve millions of users with fast loading times. They also use KVM hypervisor virtualization to offer their customers with the resources they purchase. BlueHost VPS has showed superior speeds on their servers when we connected to the same site from various cities around the world. A basic WordPress website loaded in 1.1 seconds in cities including Dallas, Tokyo and London.

For over ten years, BlueHost has been the reliable hosting company many small businesses have used for their web hosting services. After a decade of excellent service, they continue to offer the same level of reliability and service. Through your portal, you will be able to check the current status of the server you are being hosted. Server maintenance is carried out occasionally, but users will get messages letting them know of any update. Having custom built servers allows BlueHost to offer a better hosting service than most of their competitors.

BlueHost VPS Support

With their 24/7 customer support service, you will be able to reach a live agent at anytime of the day. Customer support is extremely important for the hosting industry, as technical issues arise all the time and it needs to be fixed accordingly. BlueHost offers email, phone and live chat support. For quick answers, you should call their toll free number as the wait time is mere minutes. Additionally, they also have a knowledgebase section that has answers to some frequently asked questions, so you may be able to get help from them. Overall, BlueHost is considered to be one of the better hosting companies offering helpful customer support service.

BlueHost VPS Pricing

For the single core VPS with 2GB of RAM, pricing starts at $29.99 per month, with the first month being offered at $14.99. The dual core VPS with double the memory is priced at $59.99 per month, with the first month being offered at half price. The quad core VPS with 8GB of RAM, 240GB of space and 4TB bandwidth is priced at $119.99 per month, with the first month promotional pricing of $59.99. All the VPS plans come with a free domain name and 2 IP addresses. The first month promotional pricing is offered to all customers, regardless of whether you purchase on a one month, three month or twelve month term.

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BlueHost_VPS Plans

WiredTree VPS Review


WiredTree VPS

  • Powerful Dual Xeon (8 CPUs)
  • Fast RAID-10 Hot-Swap Disk Arrays
  • Premium Tier-1 Bandwidth
  • Virtuozzo Powered with SLM Memory
  • Guaranteed Resources & Full Root Access
  • Fully Managed Support & 24/7 Service Monitoring
  • cPanel / WHM Included

WiredTree Virtual Private Server

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WiredTree began providing hosting services in 2006 and have managed to gain a considerable amount of clients in the managed web hosting business. WiredTree is a fully managed VPS and dedicated server hosting company, which runs on the most up to date software solutions available for high grade servers. Unlike some other companies, all of the virtual private servers offered by WiredTree are fully managed, leaving you with no maintenance work. In this WiredTree VPS review, we will be looking at the features, support services, reliability and performance of the servers.


First up is the VPS1000 from WiredTree which is run on an Intel Dual Xeon processor with eight CPU’s. This VPS offers 1GB guaranteed RAM, 100GB space, 3TB bandwidth, four dedicated IP addresses and cPanel/WHM. All servers offered by WiredTree have the option to include auto installers, Light Speed, WHMCS and RVSKIN. The second tier VPS is only a bump above the first one, as it gives you 120GB space, 3500GB bandwidth and the same number of IP addresses. The last tier VPS plan is also only a tad better in terms of the specifications. If you are looking for a wider range of VPS plans, you may find better options with other hosting companies.

However, apart from the minimal specifications on these VPS servers, you have to keep in mind that all these servers remain fully managed. You have absolutely nothing to do in terms of maintenance or upgrades, as WiredTree controls everything. The company gives you proactive server monitoring around the clock with a 100% node uptime guarantee. You can have peace of mind with WiredTree, knowing that they are handling everything including nightly backups.


Despite the fact that WiredTree manages your VPS server, they do offer 24/7 support for all technical issues. WiredTree has real time phone support with a US based call center that takes in all customer support requests. Your servers are monitored to ensure that they are running at the highest level of performance without any form of security risk. WiredTree includes hardware management with their support services, which includes one hour hardware replacements. The same applies for network issues that need to be fixed within a certain amount of time. We have tried WiredTree in the past and can safely say that they do offer a good fully managed service.


The ability to offer the best uptime and performance is crucial for every web hosting company in the business. WiredTree strives to provide very good reliability by offering services such as Server Shield and Parallel based monitoring. The service agreement states that the company promises to offer 100% uptime every single month. If the company passes up on this policy, they will refund five percent of your monthly credit to make up for any loses. If there is a situation where a VPS server needs a hardware replacement; WiredTree will get it done within an hour or you get a five percent credit on your account. The ability to offer 100% uptime is thanks to the hybrid nodes that WiredTree uses for all virtual private servers.


If you are only considering value, WiredTree may not be at the top of your list, but they remain as one of the best for offering fully managed VPS servers. Most websites owners have very little server management experience, so they would want a VPS that is managed by the host. WiredTree offers you three basic plans as mentioned before, with pricing denominations of $49/month, $69/month and $89/month respectively. Based on your needs, you could choose a plan that works for you. If the specifications aren’t good enough, you can add more specs for an additional cost.

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A2 Hosting VPS Review

A2 Hosting


  • Exclusive A2 QuickInstaller
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Choice of Linux OS
  • Re-size Your Account as Resource Needs Fluctuate
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • SolusVM Control Panel
  • Full Root Access

A2Hosting Virtual Private Server

A2 Hosting has been known to provide great Linux based hosting services for tons of small scale websites. Along with their basic shared hosting plans, you will be able to purchase reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting from their product line as well. A2 Hosting offers many VPS plans, both managed and unmanaged that are quite comparable and competitive with the industry. One thing that A2 Hosting VPS plans are known for is their developer friendly environment, as they support the latest in scripting, database and SSH releases.


A2 Hosting offers four unmanaged VPS plans referred to as “Basic Configuration”, “RAM Intensive”, “Storage Intensive”, and “The Crusher!”. The Basic Configuration VPS plan from A2 Hosting gives you 512MB of RAM, 10GB of storage, 200GB bandwidth and root access. The The Crusher! VPS plan has 2048MB of RAM, 50GB of space, 800GB bandwidth. You can build your VPS with however much RAM, disk space, bandwidth and CPU you want. There is no cPanel option with A2 Hosting’s unmanaged VPS plans so if you want cPanel you will have to go for one of their managed VPS plans. A2 Hosting managed VPS plans give you more control over the server with less work in maintaining it. These managed VPS servers also include much more server resources, offering your websites with optimal performance.


In an effort to offer one of the best customer support experiences for their customers, A2 Hosting gives you 24/7 technical support over the phone. For US and Canada based clients, there is a toll free number that they can call. As for international customers; they would have to call a direct number to the Michigan based A2 Hosting support center. A2 Hosting has an online knowledgebase that has answers to commonly asked questions, so that may be helpful as well. VPS hosting clients usually have a lot more questions concerning software, performance and updates; so A2 Hosting is always ready to help. For less than urgent inquiries, you could send in a ticket through your support portal.


A2 Hosting ensures to be on top of reliability and performance concerns as they work with highly trained server technicians, who manage the network 24/7. The real issue of reliability comes about when you are using a shared hosting account, as the other clients could cause slowdowns or security issues. With a VPS hosting plan, you are on your own virtual private server; so all the downtime you experience will be due to the traffic and resource used by your sites. A2 Hosting offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, just like all the other hosting companies in the business. If for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the performance, stability or reliability of the VPS servers from A2Hosting, you can get your money back within the first thirty days of signing up.


A2 Hosting admits to the fact that they may not be the cheapest in the industry, but they do make up for it with the quality and performance of the hardware they use. A2Hosting VPS hosting plans run on the best commercial servers in the market, giving you the highest level of satisfaction. The company runs several promotions throughout the year on the VPS servers, so you will surely be able to pick up on a good deal. Currently, their unmanaged VPS plans start at as little as $14.99/month and managed VPS plans are starting at $49.99/month. As you add additional features and options, the price will begin to vary.

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HostNine VPS Review


host nine vps

  • Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Cisco powered RAID 10 SAN
  • Choose US or UK Datacenter Locations
  • Full Root Access
  • Choose Your Operating System
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Founded in 2006, HostNine is a web hosting company providing all forms of hosting services including shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server hosting. When the company initially began operations, they only dealt with shared and reseller hosting. HostNine started to sell Cloud based VPS hosting in 2010. By choosing a cloud virtual private server, you will be able to experience the best of cloud technology which gives you dedicated speeds, performance and flexibility. HostNine has a good infrastructure in place for VPS servers allowing the company to give you total reliability in their service.


As part of the VPS features from HostNine, you will be able to choose the geographic location of your server, the operating system that it runs on and the preferred control panel. HostNine offers five VPS plans with specific RAM, space, bandwidth and IP addresses. The first VPS plan gives you 376MB RAM, 10GB storage, 250GB bandwidth with one IP address. All HostNine VPS plans come with free setup and installation, so you are good to go once the first payment is made.

The second VPS plan offers 752MB RAM, 20GB space, 500GB data transfer with two IP addresses. The first tier VPS plan from HostNine does not include a control panel, so it needs to be purchased separately. In terms of memory power on the servers, you can go up to 3GB, which should be sufficient for most websites. If you are going to be running a site that requires much more than 3GB of RAM, you might be able to get a better deal on a dedicated server. However, the HostNine VPS servers are built to perform better due to their cloud based infrastructure.


Despite the fact that HostNine is a newcomer to the web hosting business; they have managed to build a great customer support system. Today, HostNine offers 24/7 phone support through their toll-free number. The phone support is available for HostNine technical support and sales/billing questions. If you prefer to deal with things online; you could get in touch with the same support staff through live chat systems available on the site. For less urgent inquiries, you can use the ticket system available in your account with HostNine. Additionally, you will have complete access to the HostNine knowledgebase which has answers to the most frequently asked questions.


From the time HostNine started offering VPS servers, they have proven to be a very reliable company. Thanks to new cloud based services available from HostNine, all servers are now far more reliable, efficient and robust. HostNine uses several datacenters in the US, Asia and UK, offering redundant network connection with the highest level of security provided by in house server monitoring staff. Data recovery is also included with all VPS plans, which is provided through a multiple SCSI backup cluster system. HostNine promises to deliver 99.9% uptime on all web hosting services, just like their competition.


When someone is looking for web hosting, they always consider the price. With HostNine, cPanel VPS servers begin at $59.95/month which includes full management by HostNine. For an unmanaged VPS plan, you could consider the tier one plan from HostNine which is only $19.95/month. With all the virtual private servers, you will have enough space and bandwidth, but may remain limited in terms of memory. For custom VPS plans, you could get in touch with the company to see what they can setup for you.

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Media Temple VPS Review

Media Temple

MediaTemple VPS

  • High-end HP hardware
  • RAID-10 SAS disks
  • Control Panel and Full Root Access
  • Increase Resources Whenever with 1 Click
  • 140+ Installable Apps
  • Premium Resource Isolation
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Media Temple Virtual Private Server

Media Temple is a virtual-dedicated server hosting company that was first established in 1998. Since their inception, they’ve been providing excellent web hosting to clients from around the world. With over one hundred thousand clients worldwide, Media Temple now hosts several large fortune 500 companies such as Toyota, Starbucks and Adidas. The company is usually seen online by their MT symbol, which is denoted in parts of its website. Today, Media Temple offers several types of dedicated servers and cloud hosting. The newest type of dedicated server offered by MT is the Virb, which lets you build and customize your own server.

DV Managed Hosting Features

With the Media Temple VPS hosting plan, you’ll be able to get more performance than ever before. All VPS hosting plans come with the Plesk control panel, which lets you manage all your web hosting features. The control panel allows you to manage features such as email, databases, FTP accounts and web statistics. The Media Temple VPS plans are quite scalable in the sense that you have six virtual private servers to choose from. The most basic VPS plan offers 1 GB memory, 30GB of storage and 1,000GB of data transfer. The second VPS plan gives you 2GB memory, 50GB of disk space and 1,500GB of bandwidth. For optimum performance and server resources, you might want to look into their 4GB Ram option, which come with 100GB storage and 2TB bandwidth.

All the Media Temple VPS plans come loaded with Version 11 of the Plesk Panel, PHP 5.4, and updated MYSQL and run on the 64-bit operating system. One of the benefits in choosing the (dv) dedicated virtual server option is that, it is far more reliable and allows you to customize according to your preferences. These server options are highly scalable, which means upgrading to a better plan is never impossible.

DV Developer Features

Media Temple brings you high performance web hosting from their enterprise grade Linux servers. These servers are built to offer optimum speed and reliability for all your web hosting needs. If there is one thing that distinguishes MediaTemple from the other dedicated server suppliers, it is the fact that they offer highly scalable options, your choice of Linux OS, RAID-10 disks and high quality hardware. The most basic (dv) server runs on a 1GB memory module with 20GB of premium disk space and 350GB of bandwidth. The 2GB (dv) option will offer you 2GB of dedicated RAM, 40GB storage and 650GB data transfer. The largest server provided by MediaTemple in the Developer VPS class comes with 64GB RAM, 1 TB storage and 3TB network transfer.

DV Enterprise

DV Enterprise offers by far the best performance of all the Media Temple VPS hosting plans. The Media Temple servers are built to last and serve clients for a longer period of time, as they include lightning fast SAS disks, which perform far better than SATA or IDE disks. With one of the Enterprise server plans, you will have more time to focus on your business or website rather than looking out for the server. The team at Media Temple handles all your server needs and they make sure it is running smoothly 24/7. At (mt), you have the option of choosing between an unmanaged or managed server.


The Media Temple datacenter is based out of Ashburn, Virginia and is managed around the clock by qualified technicians and server administrators. The servers are monitored 24/7 to ensure that they are running as they should. This allows the team to know of any possible online threats that are about to hit the network. Overall, the company promises to deliver the best possible uptime in the industry. For clients considering Media Temple, it is recommended that you contact the sales department and ask for their company’s most recent uptime report.

Customer Support

Media Temple customer support is available 24/7/365 by phone, email and support ticket. Email support is promised to be replied to within twenty-four hours, depending on the work load. For urgent matters  Media Temple can be reached anytime by phone by dialing their toll-free number, which directs to one of their centers based out of the US. As part of providing clients with updated information on their maintenance and support routines, they have an online server status page classified under Support. This page will give you information on any incidents or maintenances that are planned on the MediaTemple servers. These incidents may include such things as server reboots, scheduled maintenances and high latency.

Value for Money

When considering (mt) Media Temple, one of the biggest drawbacks that over ninety percent of people consider an obstacle is the pricing. When compared to other web hosting companies in the industry, Media Temple offers by far, the highest prices on their dedicated-virtual servers. This high performance server hosting company offers virtual private servers from $50/month to $2,500 per month. One of the reasons why the company offers high prices is because they use the best server equipments, hardware and platforms on their products. It is one of the reasons why many of the large internationally known businesses use MediaTemple to host their websites. The (ve) server options range from as low as $30/month to $2,000/month. These server plans are usually available for deployment within twenty-four hours.

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InterServer VPS Review



  • Fully Managed VPS Choice of cPanel or Direct Admin
  • Choice of Operating System
  • Choose NJ or CA Datacenter Locations
  • Full Control – Root or Admin (start, stop, reboot)
  • Instant Setup, Monthly Pricing (cancel anytime)
  • 24/7 Support

InterServer Virtual Private Server Review

Interserver has been proving quality hosting services since 1999 and they opened their very own datacenter in 2006. One thing that distinguishes Interserver from the other hosting companies in the business is the fact that they build everything they use. From their servers to their Linux kernel, it is all built by the Interserver team. The company also uses their own nationwide fiber network, making their technology very reliable in today’s demanding industry. Interserver provides shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting, but in this review; we will be looking at their VPS services, which have been known to be quite popular.

VPS Hosting Features

All of the Interserver VPS plans come with the ability for you to choose the OS, whether it be CentOS, Debian, uBuntu, Windows, Linux or Fedora. The platform options available include OpenVZ, Cloud and Xen. All VPS hosting plans come with RAID 10 disks, constant server monitoring, DNS manager and backups. For the control panel, you’ll be able to choose between Direct Admin or cPanel+WHM. Depending on the amount of space, bandwidth and memory you need; you will be able to choose between different configurations. When putting your order through, you’ll have the ability to choose between two server locations, which are New Jersey and Los Angeles.

The Interserver VPS services are fully managed by the hosting company. However, you should keep in mind that they are only responsible for what they install. If you purchase a VPS with a cPanel, then they will support anything that is installed by cPanel. In terms of additional upgrades to VPS plans, they include optional IP addresses, cPanel, additional memory, space, bandwidth, Fantastico and Softaculous.

VPS Reliability

Interserver takes reliability very seriously and it is one of the reasons why they’ve invested so much time and money in making it right. Redundancy is critical in the server hosting industry and Interserver has automated redundancy of their Border Gateway Protocol, additional routers and equipment in stock to make sure they can get back up within minutes of an issue. With the help of their stable tier 1 bandwidth provider and Cisco equipment, Interserver provides an exceptional level of uptime for their clients. According to other Interserver VPS reviews, customers tend to be very happy with the level of reliability they’re experiencing with Interserver.

Customer Support

Regardless of the services a hosting company offers; it should provide excellent customer support, as its one of the most important factors contributing to customer retention. Interserver provides 24/7 customer support for all its hosting services. Customer support for virtual private servers is available by phone, Skype and email (submitting a ticket). Interserver also has an online knowledgebase page with some useful information. Interserver has server monitors looking after your servers around the clock, to ensure that they are running as they should. If you have a managed VPS plan with Interserver, you can count on them to resolve any issues that may arise over the time you’re with them.


Pricing for the Interserver VPS plans are quite reasonable, considering what you get with your VPS. When choosing a virtual private server, you will first begin by selecting your preferred operating system. The second step is something Interserver calls “slices”. Each slice offers you 376MB of RAM, 25GB of space and 1800GB of bandwidth. You can purchase up to sixteen slices, which would offer you 6GB of RAM, 400GB of storage space and 28TB of bandwidth. Pricing for the base configuration starts at only $6 per month. At anytime, you can purchase more slices to add to your VPS. In general, VPS pricing at Interserver ranges from as low as $6 to $100 per month.

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