Benefits of VPS Hosting

Once a webmaster starts to feel that a shared web hosting environment is inadequate for his/her hosting needs, then the next and most favorable option is VPS hosting. This type of hosting is good if one has a web site that is still growing but is not overly huge yet. It is a cost efficient solution and very affordable; you even get some the benefits of having a dedicated server.

VPS hosting gives the impression of you having your own private server when in fact it is a single server partitioned into different areas and each is allocated to a single webmaster. The server is still technically still shared, but, it’s nothing like shared web hosting. Each VPS acts independently of the other, and they function as a dedicated server. The RAM, CPU, and disk space are equally divided among webmasters, and each VPS has access to only its own resources, unlike with shared web hosting.

VPS hosting provides numerous advantages such as:

  • If you need to install additional software or extra applications, it is possible.
  • Your configuration options are not limited, so you can change them as necessary to make your web site functional.
  • VPS hosting is a convenient and flexible solution for the webmaster that needs more than what shared hosting can offer but is not ready for a dedicated server.
  • VPS hosting allows you to choose your own operating systems and software programs.
  • You will be able to control your server as if it were yours alone like a dedicated server but without the cost.
  • VPS hosting is stable, and it’s perfect if you want to expand from shared hosting but still enjoy some of the same benefits.

The disadvantages:

  • If a webmaster is unaware of what he’s doing, he/she might cause some software to malfunction if they make any mistakes while altering any settings.
  • If a webmaster doesn’t have any technical knowledge then they will inquire extra costs for needed support.
  • During times of peak level operations, the VPS may experience some unforeseen problems that may affect your web site. Shared hosting providers are proactive but with a VPS, they won’t know that something is wrong unless you tell them.
  • An occasional rarity of critical software and hardware resources could mean problems in real-time, especially if you have customers using forum or chat applications, or anything custom.

If you are starting to feel that your web site has outgrown shared web hosting but you are not quite in a position to take on a dedicated solution, then, VPS hosting sounds like the right choice for you. Before you decide to go with any hosting company, however, you need to check out what exactly they offer and compare their prices to other companies offering the same. You also want to make sure that you choose a reputable company so look around for web hosting reviews as well. Sometimes, customer opinions can provide a lot of insight and they can save you a lot of future headaches as well.

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