Which Is Better: Virtual Private Server Hosting Or Dedicated Server Hosting

When a website grows in size and reach, the need arises to shift from a shared server hosting plan to a plan that is much more suited to take into account the performance issues relating to a large subscriber base and increased web presence. It is this need which forces website owners to think of moving to either a virtual private server hosting plan or a dedicated server hosting plan. But often, there are times when it becomes a bit cumbersome and overtly confusing to decide which plan is better for you and your online venture. So here are a few things which can help you choose between these two types of web hosting plans. (more…)

The Advantages and Downside of Dedicated Web Hosting

Based on your website’s needs there are several different hosting options available. However, you may want to take a look at a dedicated hosting plan as such a plan is suitable for all types of online businesses.

A dedicated hosting plan provides each customer with his or her own dedicated server i.e. all the resources on the server are available for use by a single customer. This kind of arrangement is known to offer high performance levels and more reliability than other hosting plans. This is the reason why dedicated hosting is popular among larger businesses establishments.

Some of the main features of a dedicated hosting plan are listed here. (more…)