VPS Hosting as a Web Hosting Option

VPS web hosting provides an affordable web hosting solution like that of shared web hosting but gives the advanced control and security features that come with a dedicated server. You will pretty much be getting the best of both worlds with VPS hosting. These days, more individuals and businesses are opting for VPS hosting plans in order to take advantage of the increased flexibility in being able to manage their web site but at the same time are availing the maintenance and upkeep provided by the hosting company.

VPS hosting is a little different from shared web hosting. Your web site will be sharing a server with other sites, but the number is hugely smaller than that of shared hosting. Depending on the type of VPS, you may share software or you have the choice of your own. The server administrator is in charge of configuring all the software applications of the web server, and you will not have access to this part of the server. Sometimes, however, the web host will allow you access to install your own software if your server supports it. You will have control over the security of your web server, like you do with a dedicated hosting plan. This is a feature that will be of importance to you if your website deals in any kind of e-commerce. You will be able to make sure that your site is protected from hackers and you will be in charge of maintaining the security of your customer information database. A VPS allows more security than that of a shared server, and so, your customers will be able to be confident that your site is secure and their information is safe with you.

VPS hosting works like this:

A single server is partitioned into different segments for each customer. Each customer essentially will have their own private server as no other VPS on that one server will affect another. So, you have the capabilities of a dedicated server, like increased reliability and resource usage. This type of server is also more stable and secure than a shared server. You will have a greater amount of accessibility to the configuration files of your web server, and of course, you have the usual access to your files via FTP. When you are looking for a VPS plan, you want to be sure that it includes all of these features so that you have more retained control over your own content and web site functions.

VPS hosting also offers more storage space and usable bandwidth than you normally get with a shared hosting plan. You essentially get more for your money, and instead of being limited in what certain space is used for, you can make that choice yourself. A VPS hosting plan is like a middle ground between shared and dedicated hosting. You don’t pay the high cost of a dedicated server but your VPS will be more like one, and your resources aren’t limited like a shared server.

VPS Hosting Explained

If you are a new webmaster, then the term VPS hosting might seem quite strange to you. A VPS server is a private server partition that is shared with other webmasters but functions like a dedicated server. So, you never actually know that anyone else is on the same server as you.
You get your own private control panel and you are allotted your own share of the server’s resources. Additionally, you get the option to choose your own operating system, and you are free to install whatever software applications you need. In the event that your server goes down, you can even reboot without affecting anyone else’s website, and this is usually a 1-2 minute process. VPS hosting differs from shared hosting in that you are in control but unlike dedicated hosting, you don’t have the entire server to yourself.

Why VPS Hosting?

If you don’t want to do with the instability that comes with shared web hosting, then VPS hosting might be a good option for you. It’s not very much costlier than shared hosting and it’s good if your budget can support dedicated hosting and your bandwidth doesn’t call for it.

Consider the following: You could save some money, true enough, by just opting for the cheaper shared web hosting plan, but what about the traffic that you stand to lose because it can’t support your web site properly? If it doesn’t mean that much to you, then keep the shared hosting. But, if you are doing business through your web site, then you might want to rethink things. If you’re paying only a few dollars a month for your hosting, then how much value will you be getting? It’s worth paying extra to ensure that your web site is easily accessible and actually online.

The other thing to think about is that dedicated hosting can be quite expensive and if you don’t need the extra resources, then you don’t really need to be paying for it. With VPS hosting, you will get what you pay for, so keep that in mind. You will know what you are getting, and so you will know what resources you will have on hand. If one plan isn’t sufficient, then you’ll easily be able to choose another that suits your needs.

It’s always important to pay close attention the price and quality factor that you are getting with your web hosting. Things seem to be extremely promising with VPS hosting. You will be able to reap the benefits of a stable server while paying a cost that is only slightly higher than what you incur with shared hosting.

For most people, this would be a no-brainer. If you are the type of person who actually thinks about the value you are getting for your money, then, you will know almost immediately that VPS hosting is the best choice.