Comparison – A2 Hosting vs InMotion Hosting Virtual Private Servers

By now you probably have a little background information on what a virtual private server is and what to look for in one. If you’ve decided that virtual private hosting is the right choice for your new website (or even your existing one), your next step is going to be to shop around for the best deals for the specific features that you require. Below we’ll look at A2 Hosting and InMotion Hosting virtual private servers, and compare some of their features.

A2 Hosting – These guys offer unmanaged VPS hosting starting at only $5, but the catch is that most webmasters will need to spend some extra dollars to upgrade their resources and most likely want to go for a managed VPS. Still, their base VPS plans are ideal for some administrators and A2 also offers managed VPS SSD hosting starting at only $32.99/month. A2’s Power+ plan comes with 4 GB RAM, 4 CPUs, 75 GB RAID-10 storage, 2,000 GB of transfer, and 2 dedicated IPs. All their managed virtual private servers come with cPanel and are located in the United States (Detroit area). We consider these guys to be the best value for someone just getting started in dabble in VPS hosting.

A2 Hosting VPS Plans

Inmotion Hosting – If you’re looking for something a little more powerful and feature rich, and don’t mind paying $29.99/mo, then these guys are for you. Their smallest plan starts out with 4 GB RAM, 60GB RAID-6 Storage, 2,o00 GB Bandwidth, 2 dedicated IPs and you get a full license to cPanel too.

InMotion Hosting VPS plans

If you look at 3 plans each VPS provider currently provides you will see that they both have very similar offerings. If you’re just starting to dabble in VPS and don’t know yet whether its something you need or not, you can play it safe and sign up for one of A2’s or InMotion’s managed VPS plans. If you are more experienced in a Linux environment and are up for managing your own VPS, A2’s unmanaged plans start at only $5/mo. Either one of these companies is worth checking out if you are looking for a VPS.

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