Future Hosting VPS Review

Future Hosting

Future Hosting VPS

  • Managed and Unmanaged VPS Solutions
  • cPanel or Plesk Control Panel
  • Infinitely Scalable VPS Plans
  • Dual Intel Xeon processors with 16-32 CPU cores
  • Pure SSD Drive VPS Option
  • Full Root Access
  • 5 Datacenter Location Choices
  • 24/7 Support

Future Hosting Virtual Private Server

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Established in 2001, Future Hosting is a web hosting company that specializes in dedicated server and virtual private server hosting. The VPS plans from Future Hosting are all scalable, highly dependable, and powerful and come with full support 24/7. At Future Hosting, you’ll be able to choose from managed VPS, performance managed hybrid VPS or unmanaged VPS servers that come with cPanel or Plesk. Additionally, they also offer unmanaged servers that come with no apparent control panel, leaving that choice totally up to the client. The hosting company currently uses six datacenters located in Miami, Washington, Dallas, London, Los Angeles and Chicago.

VPS Hosting Features

When considering virtual private servers that come managed with the option of cPanel or Plesk, you can choose from six different options. The first tier VPS plan is the VM1 which comes with 1TB data transfer, 15GB storage space and 1GB of RAM. VM2 offers clients with 35GB of space, 2TB of bandwidth and 1.5GB of RAM. The most comprehensive managed VPS plan (VM6) offers clients with 100GB storage, 6TB data transfer and 6GB of RAM. Future Hosting also offers unmanaged VPS servers with similar specifications. Both these options come with either cPanel or Plesk as the main control panel. The unmanaged VPS options are better for people who have experience with managing their own server.

All of the Future Hosting virtual private servers come with cPanel to cPanel or Plesk to Plesk migration. You get to choose from the server location as well, which is great for those of you looking for geo-location based hosting and SEO performance. All VPS servers come with full root access, daily backups and third party script installations.


In order to experience the best possible hosting experience, you need to be completely satisfied with everything a web hosting company offers you. Future Hosting currently offers support through live chat, support ticket and email. The managed VPS servers offer support for various issues including OS updates, kernel updates, email server support, migration assistance, third party script installation and PHP/Apache problems. The unmanaged servers don’t include any of the mentioned support. Apart from the services included in the managed server plans, you will need to get in touch with Future Hosting by email or live chat.


The dedicated servers and virtual private servers from Future Hosting are highly reliable and come equipped with high performance hardware equipment. Servers offered by the hosting company are single, quad and double core and could be built according to your specifications. These servers run on a highly redundant network based out of one of their five US based datacenters. With tier 1 bandwidth and a 100GBps port, Future Hosting is able to deliver maximum uptime and reliability to its VPS and dedicated server customers. With Future Hosting, you will be able to choose between various software options such as CentOS, cPanel, Plesk, Ubuntu Linux, Virtuozzo and Debian Linux.


The most cost effective VPS servers are the ones that are unmanaged with no control panel. Under this category, the NOCP1 comes with 10GB storage space, 1000GB bandwidth and 512MB of RAM and is only $17.47/month. Pricing for the unmanaged VPS servers that come with cPanel, range from $26.95/month to $66.95/month. The most popular virtual private servers from Future Hosting are the ones that come with a control panel and include full management. The fully managed VPS servers start at $29.95/month and fill up all the way to $69.95/month.

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