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green geeks vps

  • 64-Bit CentOS 5 Image
  • Dual Quad Core Servers
  • RAID-10 Storage Arrays
  • Full root access & rebooting
  • Free cPanel/WHM License
  • Free eNom domain reseller account & billing system
  • 24/7/365 North American Support
  • Green Web Hosting
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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GreenGeeks is known to be the leading green web hosting company in the world, as they run all their services on one hundred percent green energy. With all of GreenGeeks web hosting services, there are no long term contracts or risks that you need to worry about. If you sign up and don’t like the service, support or performance, you could take advantage of their money back policy and move onto another web host. Although the company stands by their policy, not many people switch around from GreenGeeks, as they know they are getting their money’s worth. GreenGeeks VPS plans are affordable, flexible and very stable in terms of performance and reliability.


There are five VPS plans offered by GreenGeeks, with the smallest one offering 512MB RAM, 25GB space, 500GB bandwidth and an equal share of CPU power. This VPS server would be ideal for clients who are hosting a few websites that don’t consume a ton of CPU usage, as the RAM is limited. For some, the CPU power is not much of an issue, because the bandwidth may be the real issue. With custom VPS plans, you could stick with minimal RAM and space and bump up your monthly data transfer.

GreenGeeks claims that their second tier VPS plan offers the best value with 768MB RAM, 50GB space and 750GB bandwidth. All the VPS servers come with free cPanel/WHM, billing software and cP migration. All virtual private servers from GreenGeeks remain managed and fully supported for regular updates and hardware replacements. For resource intensive websites, you might want to consider the VPS with 2GB RAM, 125GB space and 1500 data transfer.


GreenGeeks has support members across North America, providing 24/7 support by phone, email and live chat. American clients will be routed to America based agents, while Canadians get routed to Canada based support agents. Along with phone support, all managed VPS servers are monitored by the professional server administrators to ensure that they are running at an optimal level. For questions you may have regarding VPS servers, you could also consult with the GreenGeeks FAQ section, where the company posts related questions and answers to common issues. VPS servers are instantly activated and include free setup to ensure you get started right away.


Whether you are a small website owner or a corporate level business owner looking for hosting, the GreenGeeks VPS plans should be considered. These VPS servers run on dual core Nehalem processors, RAID-10 array’s at a state of the art data center. GreenGeeks offers its clients with 99.9% uptime straight from their Chicago based data center. Giving you the best hosting experience is crucial for any web hosting company, and GreenGeeks tries to do just that. All VPS servers are backed up at night on secondary drives so that no data is lost in case of a crash. Data transfer is routed through high grade networks provided by leading connectivity companies such as Comcast and ATT.


For the amount of features and free perks (free cPanel license, free eNom domain reseller account and free billing system) you get with your GreenGeeks VPS; the pricing is very fair. The first tier VPS plan starts at $39.95 with 512MB of RAM, and 25GB/500GB space and bandwidth. Subsequent VPS hosting plans are $49.95, $79.95, $89.95 and $99.95. All VPS plans come with a free control panel, billing system, WHM and remain fully managed. GreenGeeks’ 30 day money back guarantee gives clients very little risk in trying their VPS hosting plans. For a limited time get 50% off the first two months.

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