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host nine vps

  • Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Cisco powered RAID 10 SAN
  • Choose US or UK Datacenter Locations
  • Full Root Access
  • Choose Your Operating System
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Founded in 2006, HostNine is a web hosting company providing all forms of hosting services including shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server hosting. When the company initially began operations, they only dealt with shared and reseller hosting. HostNine started to sell Cloud based VPS hosting in 2010. By choosing a cloud virtual private server, you will be able to experience the best of cloud technology which gives you dedicated speeds, performance and flexibility. HostNine has a good infrastructure in place for VPS servers allowing the company to give you total reliability in their service.


As part of the VPS features from HostNine, you will be able to choose the geographic location of your server, the operating system that it runs on and the preferred control panel. HostNine offers five VPS plans with specific RAM, space, bandwidth and IP addresses. The first VPS plan gives you 376MB RAM, 10GB storage, 250GB bandwidth with one IP address. All HostNine VPS plans come with free setup and installation, so you are good to go once the first payment is made.

The second VPS plan offers 752MB RAM, 20GB space, 500GB data transfer with two IP addresses. The first tier VPS plan from HostNine does not include a control panel, so it needs to be purchased separately. In terms of memory power on the servers, you can go up to 3GB, which should be sufficient for most websites. If you are going to be running a site that requires much more than 3GB of RAM, you might be able to get a better deal on a dedicated server. However, the HostNine VPS servers are built to perform better due to their cloud based infrastructure.


Despite the fact that HostNine is a newcomer to the web hosting business; they have managed to build a great customer support system. Today, HostNine offers 24/7 phone support through their toll-free number. The phone support is available for HostNine technical support and sales/billing questions. If you prefer to deal with things online; you could get in touch with the same support staff through live chat systems available on the site. For less urgent inquiries, you can use the ticket system available in your account with HostNine. Additionally, you will have complete access to the HostNine knowledgebase which has answers to the most frequently asked questions.


From the time HostNine started offering VPS servers, they have proven to be a very reliable company. Thanks to new cloud based services available from HostNine, all servers are now far more reliable, efficient and robust. HostNine uses several datacenters in the US, Asia and UK, offering redundant network connection with the highest level of security provided by in house server monitoring staff. Data recovery is also included with all VPS plans, which is provided through a multiple SCSI backup cluster system. HostNine promises to deliver 99.9% uptime on all web hosting services, just like their competition.


When someone is looking for web hosting, they always consider the price. With HostNine, cPanel VPS servers begin at $59.95/month which includes full management by HostNine. For an unmanaged VPS plan, you could consider the tier one plan from HostNine which is only $19.95/month. With all the virtual private servers, you will have enough space and bandwidth, but may remain limited in terms of memory. For custom VPS plans, you could get in touch with the company to see what they can setup for you.

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