How Can a Virtual Private Server Be Right For You?

If you have thought of having your own server, without the exceptionally high costs, the best solution is to get a VPS, short for virtual private server. A VPS would be right for you if you have some experience managing VPS, or dedicated servers. If you currently have a shared hosting account, and are thinking of upgrading, you can definitely consider a VPS. Going for a virtual private server will be a bit more in cost, but it will provide you with a lot more benefits than your shared hosting service.

If you run a dozen websites or so, which do not take up much resource; a VPS would be able to host your sites. A virtual private server will be great for site owners who have a strict spending limit, but have websites that take up large amounts of space, bandwidth and power. A shopping website with tons of visitors, who are constantly purchasing items, can be perfect for a VPS. A dedicated server will cost much more money and it requires more work to maintain, as opposed to a VPS. Each account that is created on a single virtual private server will be considered as one single account.

Just like dedicated servers are based on the Windows and UNIX operating system, a VPS is commonly put on an operating system known as Virtuozzo. Virtuozzo is a very strong operating system, which will be able to handle all requests in the system. If you notice that you are always reaching the resource limits on your current shared plan, or if you want more access to install your own software, you should consider a VPS. The VPS can be fixed with a control panel, which allows you to access the main panel for your websites. The most common control panel used in the web hosting business is cPanel. cPanel can be easily installed on any VPS. The control panel will allow you to access all the basic features in hosting such as databases, emails, add-on domain and statistics.

The pricing of virtual private servers vary greatly depending on the server specifications. The more space, bandwidth and RAM it has, the higher it will cost. You can even get your VPS built according to your specifications, which is something many people prefer to do. Upgrading bandwidth is very simple, as the supplier will just have to adjust that in your plan. Another great thing about having a VPS is that, you have full control over all your information. You are the only person who will be accessing the server, as opposed to shared hosting, where hundreds of users accessed one single server.

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    Unlike with shared hosting, each virtual server is completely independent from the other virtual servers. So what happens on one virtual server will not affect anything on yours. You also get your own dedicated resources like CPU, memory, diskspace and bandwidth. How much you get, depends on the type of plan you choose.

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