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KnownHost VPS

  • Fully Managed VPS with cPanel, Plesk, or Directadmin
  • High Performance Custom VPS Solutions
  • Highest Uptime in the Industry
  • Full Root Access
  • Choose Your Datacenter (Texas, New Jersey or California)
  • 24/7/365 Fast and Professional Support

KnownHost Virtual Private Server

KnownHost is a web hosting company that has become well known for its extensive VPS services. With datacenters based out of New Jersey, Texas and California and with quality bandwidth from Level 3, Internap and Savvis; the KnownHost is clearly well known in the industry. With over fifteen years of experience, high performance equipment and a money back guarantee policy, many customers have chosen KnownHost for their VPS hosting and dedicated server needs for over the past decade or so. Whether you’re looking for managed VPS services or managed dedicated servers, the KnownHost as the facility and resources to make it all happen. With scalable VPS plans, selective control panels and isolated server resources, you really do get what you want!

Managed VPS Hosting

KnownHost offers fully optimized and scalable managed VPS hosting solutions that meet all your needs. There are five distinct managed VPS plans available for customers to choose from, which start at a low price of twenty-five dollars a month. The most basic virtual private server plan offers 192MB RAM, 10GB storage, 500GB premium bandwidth with the option to choose a preferred datacenter. As mentioned earlier, the VPS plans are available from either one of their datacenters located in Texas, California or New Jersey. The second tier VPS plan gives you 960MB RAM, 40GB storage and 2,500GB bandwidth and is valued at only thirty-five dollars. Keep in mind that all these plans come fully managed, leaving you free from any maintenance duties. The highest level VPS plan gives users with 1,600MB RAM, 90GB disk space and 5,500GB of premium bandwidth.

All these managed VPS hosting plans come with free setup and migration, unlimited domains, two IP addresses, Cent OS, private name servers, full root access and Virtuozzo Power Panel. Some of the add-ons available for these virtual private servers include Direct Admin, Plesk, cPanel/WHM, memory, disk space and bandwidth.

Under their managed VPS hosting wing, KnownHost also provides highly powered hybrid servers which are powered by enterprise level hardware solutions. These servers are most suitable for resource intensive websites that may need dedicated servers to run on. KnownHost offers two hybrid VPS hosting plans, with the first one offering 2,240MB RAM, 150GB disk space, 6,500GB bandwidth and two free IP addresses.  Even the hybrid servers remain fully managed with several dozen add-ons available.

Managed Dedicated Servers

KnownHost delivers fully managed dedicated servers that are based out of the company’s Texas datacenter. The good thing about the dedicated servers offered by KnownHost is that are custom built according to the customers’ preference. You could also purchase the dedicated server from the company and customize it later. The basic dedicated server plan from KnownHost offers dual-core CPU, 4GB memory; double HDD drives of 250GB each, eight IP addresses, and 8,000GB bandwidth with a 100Mbit port speed. When purchasing dedicated servers from KnownHost, you should take the setup cost into account.

KnownHost Support

If there is one thing that people love about KnownHost, it is the level of support they receive from the company. With a quick response time and a dedicated staff, the KnownHost support team is simply amazing at what they do. Whether you have a minor or major hosting related issue; the company staff is always ready to help you. This is primarily because KnownHost is a management based hosting company, so they will always have technical staff personnel available around the clock. The technical staff at KnownHost also knows everything about the services they offer, as they are quick to respond to any sort of question you may have. The support services are offered by email and through the ticket system available on the site. The good thing however is that they offer 24/7 support, which is even open on holidays.

KnownHost Reliability

Regardless of how resource intensive your site may be, the KnownHost team will be able to find the best possible VPS or dedicated server solution for you. The KnownHost virtual private servers have amazing uptime, as sites monitored through Pingdom came out with superior uptime results. The KnownHost team manages over one hundred servers in their network and they have maintained an overall uptime of 99.995% in the past three months. According to Hyper Spin; KnownHost is one of the top three hosts for offering superior uptime results, with over two hundred and thirty one servers being monitored.

Value for Your Money

As you’ve seen, KnownHost offers quite a competitive market when it comes to VPS hosting. When considering these prices, you should take into account that all these plans come fully managed, leaving you headache free. The managed VPS solutions start at $25/month while the cPanel dedicated servers start at only $179. For the dedicated servers, when you pay a little more for the setup, you will pay a much lower monthly fee. When you take a look at the long run, it is monetarily beneficial to pay the higher setup fee, as you will start saving money from the third month and onwards.

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KnownHost VPS

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