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  • Unlimited Accounts & Domains
  • Fully Managed Heroic Support
  • Easily install forums, CMS and more
  • Unmatched control to your VPS
  • 100% Network Uptime SLA
  • Parallels® Virtuozzo Containers

liquidweb vps

Whether it is dedicated server hosting or VPS hosting, LiquidWeb is there to provide you with a fully managed solution. LiquidWeb also offers shared hosting services, which range from standard hosting plans to business level hosting plans. As for the VPS hosting plans, LiquidWeb offers four basic plans which can either be run on Linux or Windows. Even though the demand for Windows based hosting is diminishing, there still seems to be several clients who would prefer having Windows VPS servers for their specific needs. All VPS servers from LiquidWeb are ready and set to perform, so there is no waiting around once you make payment. Let’s have a look at this LiquidWeb VPS review.


The first VPS plan from LiquidWeb is the Smart VPS 1GB which delivers 75GB of storage space, 2000GB of bandwidth and 880MB of RAM. For most website owners and businesses, this VPS would be the ideal VPS plan, as it includes all the needed specifications. You will have just right amount of space and bandwidth without compromising server performance. You will receive support for unlimited domains, emails, sub-domains and ftp accounts for all VPS servers from LiquidWeb. The second tier VPS hosting plan is Smart VPS 2GB, which includes 1750MB RAM, 150GB of space and 2TB of bandwidth. As mentioned before, all virtual private servers can be run on either Windows or Linux.


LiquidWeb calls its support service, Heroic Support by LiquidWeb, as they offer an ideal amount of support for all their hosting related services. A fully managed web hosting support service gives you full hardware maintenance, 100% control panel support and 24/7 support by phone, email and chat clients. The support team at LiquidWeb is devised of a number of people including security, setup, migrations, and network and monitoring team. If you have a problem with the service, your call would be routed to the right person who would be able to help you best.


LiquidWeb runs their own datacenters around the US, providing a robust and performance based web hosting service. In terms of customer experiences, we haven’t come across any that raise a red flag in terms of the reliability of LiquidWeb VPS servers. LiquidWeb has been known to offer a very fast connection on all its hosting plans and it is in fact one of the commonly quoted testimonials we hear. With five datacenters in both Michigan and Arizona, LiquidWeb is simply paving the way for a better hosting experience. According to a third party uptime report site, the company achieved an overall 99.98% uptime for past year, which is quite sufficient for the most part.


Comparing VPS prices before making your final purchase is very much recommended, especially if you want to take advantage of great discounts. Speaking of discounts, LiquidWeb is one company that you will see rarely providing discount offers on their VPS plans. From our initial comparison, we believed LiquidWeb VPS prices to be quite high, but it certainly reflects the high end support service the team provides. One good thing is that, LiquidWeb keeps their prices the same for all Linux and Windows platforms, which is something we haven’t seen with other companies. So, remember to compare and contrast plans and pricing before getting a VPS.

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