Managed Vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Managed or Unmanaged Virtual Private ServerIn order to understand what managed and unmanaged VPS hosting are, you need to understand what VPS hosting is. VPS hosting, which is technically known as virtual private server hosting is a type of hosting service where a dedicated server is used to provide independent hosting. To understand what VPS hosting is, you should first picture a large dedicated server that is partitioned into various smaller servers. In this process, a large server is being used to create several small virtual servers using the hardware in the large server. The new virtual server is now able to run on its own operating system and it could be rebooted without causing any changes to the other virtual servers in the system. In all regards, the VPS you manage would be independent from all the others in the dedicated server.

A VPS server is what many consider to be the bridge between a shared hosting service and a dedicated server. With a shared hosting service, you will be very limited as to what you can do. Additionally, you may not even be able to host a resource intensive site as it will affect others in the shared environment. However, with a VPS hosting service, you will have the benefits of a dedicated server at a cost that is only about 40% of that of the dedicated server. Even with the VPS hosting service, you may still have limitations but they could be disregarded if you are not looking into configuring the server to your own specs. A virtual private server is much more independent than a regular shared hosting service; you can even install your own operating system and software to run special types of websites.

Some of the Benefits of a Virtual Private Server include the following,

  • Monetary Savings on Hardware/Service
  • Higher Performance Server
  • Full Root Access w/ Your Software
  • Fully Independent, Run Your Own OS
  • Reboot Anytime

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

No matter what type of virtual private server hosting plan you have, you should first consider whether you would be comfortable with managing the server. An unmanaged VPS hosting service offers no hands on technical support or maintenance, as you are left to handle all the issues on your own. From time to time, you may need to repair something, reboot the server or configure settings and without any knowledge of how to manage a server, you will be left to do everything on your own. An unmanaged VPS hosting is perfect for those who have hands on experience with managing a server. When choosing an unmanaged service, you need to consider whether you know everything about the operating system, server resources and any technical maintenance it may require.

The hosting company is only responsible for the physical unit and nothing more, everything relating to the maintenance, updates and configuration is up to you. Technical support from the company will be quite limited as well, but they would surely help when you pay for their services. Paid technical support from hosting companies is generally billed by the hour at a hefty price. Additionally, you could surely outsource the server management to a third party company that offers a better deal.

Managed VPS Hosting

For those of you who aren’t so tech savvy, it is important to know whether you will have someone to help you manage a server. If you are getting virtual private server hosting for your business, do you have IT personnel that could do all the maintenance work? When you have little to no experience with server management; it is crucial that you go for an option such as a managed VPS hosting service. The level of involvement of the hosting company will vary from one company to another. One company may provide all the help you need, while others may only provide you with technical and maintenance support. However, there are loads of benefits in choosing a managed VPS hosting service.

With a managed virtual private server, you don’t have to think about anything as the company basically deals with everything related to your server. From reboots to advanced software configurations; everything is looked after by the hosting company. If you want peace of mind with VPS hosting, your best option would be to choose a managed VPS hosting service.

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