VPS Hosting Vs. Shared Hosting

Everyone is looking to make some money online, including companies and individuals. There are millions of dollars being spent on a weekly basis on the e-commerce market, and getting in on the lucrative market is something everyone wants. In order to have your own online business or e-commerce store, you need to have hosting for […]

Is VPS Hosting the Best Choice for Blog Hosting

There is an important piece of information that as a blogger, you need to know above anything else. You need to know more about VPS, Virtual Private Server, and how it works. The facts are that with VPS hosting, the web host company will split their serving, allowing each of their clients to use a […]

Should Your Business Have its Own Server?

One of the first decisions you will make when starting a business is how to give your business an appealing presence on the Internet. Depending on your budget and your data needs, you will need to either rent space on a server, or purchase your own server. Virtual Hosting refers to a situation in which […]

All About VPS Hosting

This article hopes to provide technical insights and descriptions on dedicated or private servers on the Internet, also known as VPS hosting. In technical terms, VPS hosting is a way of slicing physical drives from server computers and turning them into multiple servers. The trick is that servers are made to appear like dedicated servers […]

Benefits of VPS Hosting

Once a webmaster starts to feel that a shared web hosting environment is inadequate for his/her hosting needs, then the next and most favorable option is VPS hosting. This type of hosting is good if one has a web site that is still growing but is not overly huge yet. It is a cost efficient […]

VPS Hosting as a Web Hosting Option

VPS web hosting provides an affordable web hosting solution like that of shared web hosting but gives the advanced control and security features that come with a dedicated server. You will pretty much be getting the best of both worlds with VPS hosting. These days, more individuals and businesses are opting for VPS hosting plans […]

VPS Hosting Explained

If you are a new webmaster, then the term VPS hosting might seem quite strange to you. A VPS server is a private server partition that is shared with other webmasters but functions like a dedicated server. So, you never actually know that anyone else is on the same server as you. You get your […]