The Advantages and Downside of Dedicated Web Hosting

Based on your website’s needs there are several different hosting options available. However, you may want to take a look at a dedicated hosting plan as such a plan is suitable for all types of online businesses.

A dedicated hosting plan provides each customer with his or her own dedicated server i.e. all the resources on the server are available for use by a single customer. This kind of arrangement is known to offer high performance levels and more reliability than other hosting plans. This is the reason why dedicated hosting is popular among larger businesses establishments.

Some of the main features of a dedicated hosting plan are listed here.

Multiple Domain Hosting

An advantage of using a dedicated hosting plan is that unlike a simple shared hosting plan, you can easily place multiple domains and websites on the same server. This would enable you to use the resources of a single sever to accommodate several different websites and thus save yourself from the cost of purchasing hosting for each website that you want to host. Another benefit is that since all your websites would be hosted at a single server, management of those websites would become easier. Also you would not be required to learn new administrative features every time you host a new site.


Since all resources of the server would be allocated to you only, there would be no memory restrictions or storage restrictions for your website. Also you would experience enhanced customer service with your dedicated hosting account. Most of the web hosts also provide dedicated helpline numbers to those who are using dedicated hosting, something that might come in handy in case of a server problem. This kind of enhanced customer service is what makes dedicated hosting a good choice for small and large businesses.


Security is a very important aspect when it comes to hosting plans. Dedicated hosting provides for a dedicated IP address for each of the websites hosted on it, whereas in case of a shared hosting plan many websites share the same IP address, which means that the websites which share an IP address with your website can affect the status of your website. For example, if a site sharing an IP address is banned or found guilty of some suspicious activity, then every website on that IP would also get flagged down. This may affect the credibility of your online business.

Reseller Hosting

If you have leased a dedicated server, you have the right to share the resources of the server according to your will. This means that you can sell server resources to other people, thus enabling you to make a profit from your dedicated hosting service. This method is a great way to generate some extra income and pay for server costs for individuals who do not need all the server space allocated to them. An important point regarding reselling hosting is that you can decide what plans and resources you want to sell to your customers and at what prices. Therefore you have the ability to create custom hosting plans to attract more and more customers.

These are some of the advantages of using a dedicated hosting and if you are running a small or a large online business then dedicated hosting may be the best option for you.

The Downside to Dedicated Servers

There are numerous benefits to having your own dedicated server. Apart from the ability to run your own software on your dedicated server, you will have a couple of disadvantages that match your advantages. Throughout this article, we will be looking at some of the notable cons in having your own dedicated server. If you are a web hosting company, you will really have no option other than to have a dedicated server, but in other cases, you may want to consider the aspects we’re going to discuss.

Cost: Whether you admit it or not, cost will be one of the largest disadvantages to owning a dedicated server. Some companies that have an in-house IT department may prefer to purchase their own dedicated server rather than renting or leasing one. Other companies without the significant administrative staff will definitely prefer to rent their dedicated server. The cost of a dedicated server will vary on a large scale as it depends on the specifications of the tower. The more resources that have built in; the more it will cost, which is common sense. Compared to a regular shared hosting account, you will be paying nearly twenty-five times more on an annual basis. You should only consider dedicated servers if you have the income being generated from your websites. If you must have a dedicated server, we always recommend getting a managed hosting solution, as the company will take care of everything.

Server Management: One of the biggest differences between having a simple shared hosting account and a dedicated server is that you have nothing to manage when you are on a shared account. A shared hosting plan is simple enough that you can just let the hosting company deal with the technical aspects. However, dedicated servers can be tough to manage since it really does require some technical server administration skills. You need to know the technical aspects involved with running a dedicated server, as it is required on a regular basis. Some people choose to outsource the server administration to other companies, but that again will cost you more.

Hardware Replacements: Like all hardware’s, a server could easily burn out a hard drive or a cable, and it would require you to replace it. When you have your own dedicated server, you will be responsible for all the issues that arise with it. When the hard drive crashes, you need to be able to take out the old one, purchase a new one and replace it and configure it. As you can see, this requires some technical knowledge and it also leaves you with a significant downtime. The time between the server crash and the purchase of your hard drive will be downtime. To avoid this issue, it is always best to let your hosting company manage your server. The company has an inventory of all server hardware, so they could get a crashed server running in a few hours.

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