The Advantages of VPS Hosting

There are several kinds of web hosting services like shared web hosting, free web services, dedicated hosting, virtual dedicated servers, home servers, clustered hosting, and cloud hosting. Each one of these hosting services boast varying advantages and features. At least one of these web hosting types will seem ideal for a website, according to the site’s particular needs.

Shared Hosting

Out of all of the hosting services listed above, one of the most common kinds is known as shared website hosting. This type of hosting is fairly inexpensive and usually recommended for websites that do not have many special requirements. Usually, shared hosting is used by small sites due to its affordability; however, this hosting service is most often not the right fit for larger sites with certain needs because in most cases, hundreds of various websites must share a single server. This means each domain name is forced to use the same server resources.

Dedicated Hosting

For larger websites with multiple web pages, dedicated managed hosting is a better choice. With dedicated hosting, each site is given their own server as well as total control over said server.  The only downside to dedicated hosting is the cost. The website’s owner will pay considerably more money with a dedicated server than a site owner who uses shared hosting.

VPS Hosting

VPS, or Virtual Private Server hosting is considered to be the middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, with a cost that is less than the dedicated web hosting alternative. The term “VPS” simply describes the virtual machine meant for a customer’s exclusive use and with that exclusivity, there are certain advantages.

One of the primary benefits of VPS web hosting is that this type of hosting allows the user to create sandboxes; this only occurs when a single physical server contains two different virtual private servers. With a sandbox, the user gains access to another website without directly affecting said site. For businesses that require more accessible, stronger hosting services, this is a huge advantage.

In addition, VPS web hosting is well-known for its lightening-fast speeds in terms of private server access. And since the servers do not have to physically share, all data and information is completely safe. Because of the “isolation” factor, the user has increased control over the server.

It comes as no surprise that the many advantages provided by VPS hosting make it the top server choice for more and more businesses and large websites.

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    Thanks for this post. I’ve found some real differences between VPS hosts mainly in terms of performance and reliability (Amazon EC2 especially weak). I was with which was great for a while but then their reliability went down the pan – it locked up 3 times in 2 weeks, once requiring a system edit to unlock the hard drive. Apparently their SAN had some issues. Anyway, I tried and since joining they’ve been fine

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