VPS Hosting Vs. Shared Hosting

Everyone is looking to make some money online, including companies and individuals. There are millions of dollars being spent on a weekly basis on the e-commerce market, and getting in on the lucrative market is something everyone wants. In order to have your own online business or e-commerce store, you need to have hosting for your website. Creating a website is not a tough task, as you can hire someone to build you the website. Choosing a web hosting company to host your website is a tough choice, as there are thousands of companies to choose from. In this article we will be looking at the two lower cost hosting solutions available; shared web hosting and virtual private server hosting.

Shared hosting is very cost-efficient way to host your websites, since it comes with a very low price tag. However, shared hosting has several security issues and it is not sufficient for all websites. If you feel your website will be receiving large amounts of traffic, the best solution would be to host your website on a virtual private server. The cost of shared hosting is cheap because you are initially sharing everything with hundreds of other users. You are sharing space and bandwidth with the other clients on the server. If your website is very resource intensive, it will cause the other sites on the server to slow down. Similarly, if you feel your website is beginning to run slow, you know exactly what is going on. In terms of cost and performance, shared hosting is not a bad a solution.

Cost shouldn’t be your only concern when it comes to hosting. You should take the reliability and security into account. Since many people have access to the same server, there is a definite security concern. Shared hosting servers are very vulnerable to data-breaches, attacks and downtimes. If one of the sites on the server gets attacked, it could affect all the other websites on the server, unlike VPS hosting. VPS hosting is similar to a shared environment, but it is concerned to be private and secure.

VPS hosting is very similar to a dedicated server, because you essentially have your own server. VPS hosting is formed by offering clients to use one dedicated server that is split into partitions. With VPS hosting, you are the only one on your partition, and your websites will not affect that of the others. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting will cost you a bit more, but it is worth it if you take the reliability and security into account. VPS hosting is great because it can handle more resource intensive sites, since it does not share the memory with the other users on the dedicated server. You can get a custom virtual private server built according to your specifications. In any case, it is always best to begin with a VPS hosting plan and then move onto a dedicated server, as you could save some money in the beginning stages of your online venture.

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    In the beginning, shared hosting is perfect suitable for most people. But as you start making money with your sites and start getting a decent amount of traffic, it might be time to switch over to Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.

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    The biggest advantage VPS hosting has over shared hosting is that it is secure and provides more control to the user.
    Its advantage over dedicated hosting is that it is cheap.
    So, VPS hosting is far better than shared hosting in terms of privileges, and better than dedicated hosting in terms of price.

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