Which Is Better: Virtual Private Server Hosting Or Dedicated Server Hosting

When a website grows in size and reach, the need arises to shift from a shared server hosting plan to a plan that is much more suited to take into account the performance issues relating to a large subscriber base and increased web presence. It is this need which forces website owners to think of moving to either a virtual private server hosting plan or a dedicated server hosting plan. But often, there are times when it becomes a bit cumbersome and overtly confusing to decide which plan is better for you and your online venture. So here are a few things which can help you choose between these two types of web hosting plans.

A virtual private server hosting plan is a hosting solution where virtualization software is used by the hosting company to create independent virtual servers on a physical server in a manner that a virtual server can be rented out to a web owner for use. A virtual private server scores over a shared server because in this case fixed resources are assigned to you and cannot be used by anyone else even if you are not using them.

A dedicated server hosting plan on the other hand is a hosting solution wherein the whole of the server is allotted to be used by a single account holder only. This in turn resolves into a situation where all the resources of a particular server are in control of a single entity and it is up to that entity to decide how to use those resources and allocated those resources to his or her online ventures.

Both these plans are distinctly better than a shared server hosting plan, but they have their advantages over each other too. For instance, a virtual private server hosting plan can offer almost all the services that are offered by a dedicated server hosting plan at a cost that is only slightly higher than that of a shared server hosting plan. Not only this with a VPS solution you do not have to worry about server administration as it is handled by your hosting provider.

In the same manner, there are some distinct advantages of choosing a dedicated plan over a virtual private server hosting plan. The first and foremost being that with a dedicated server you do not have to share any server resources. This ensures optimal performance and security for your website. Another thing is that you have full access and control of your server and hence you are free to choose the type of applications you need to run on your server. Since server administration is under your control, you can choose how to allocate resources, optimize server performance according to your site’s needs, perform load balancing as you deem fit and other features which  may be lacking in a virtual private server plan.

Now when it comes to answering which plan is better, it would be wise to say that there is no direct answer to this question. Simply because the viability of a plan and its advantages would be dependent upon the type of application. This means that a plan is better than the other when the advantages of using that plan would provide you with some leverage over your competitors. What this says is that there can be situations when the VPS plan would be better and then there would be situations where the dedicated plan would be better. Hence, what needs to be done is choose a plan in accordance to which provides more advantages for your custom operations and not on the basis of which plan is better in general terms.

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